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One of the very first questions I get asked when chosen to photograph someone, where should we go? You may think location is everything but in some circumstances you don't need a whole lot. Alaska is beautiful enough... Clients sometimes stress about the location that I am going to take them or want to know exactly where we should go... Sometimes, I don't have a answer for them right away.

Often I am inspired by what the subjects plan to wear and their fashion style, after I see what they have chosen to wear I can put together more of a scene in my head. I also have to hear my clients story, hear about how they met or what their lives plans are and what their hobbies are. Getting to know my client helps me in capturing their story through my work and in picking my locations. After we arrive to the location I am then inspired by the light and what is at that time going on around us....

Below are some examples of random locations I have used and how the before and after turned out! The below locations include a flower bed on the sidewalks of Downtown Anchorage, the Downtown Cemetery and a random spot in the middle of a neighborhood in South Anchorage that was close to our first location.

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